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Concept Sheets

One-degree Rule 

Every follower of Jesus has an outreach temperature. It can be hot, cold or somewhere in the middle. This temperature impacts the way we live our life and interact with those who are far from God. It is our responsibility to steward this
temperature and seek to increase it so that our hearts burn hotter for those who are spiritually lost.

Two-degree Rule

The Two-Degree Rule is the concept that we can intentionally push the needle of the church a couple of degrees off dead north and vector some of our resources, time, care, energy and love toward those who are in the community and still far from God.

30-day Rule 

A yearly outreach emphasis won’t do. An occasional pep talk is not enough. Congregations that want to keep the evangelistic fires burning will
discover the need to fuel up every thirty days.

Gospel G.O.G.O 

An easy-to-remember acronym that helps us share the key elements of salvation with people who don’t yet know Jesus.


How's Your Spiritual
Growth Journey?

When it comes to determining spiritual maturity we look at indicators in terms of growth, not of achievement. This self-assessment will give you a snapshot of where you are with regard to seven key markers that are important to our spiritual growth.