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Organic Outreach International exists to equip as many churches and Christian organizations as possible to create a culture that mobilizes and trains every believer to share the Gospel in natural ways so that the world comes to know Jesus.

We more than doubled attendance. I credit it to the Organic Outreach. People bought into sharing Jesus naturally and are in the community a lot and give Jesus credit where they are at and pray for people where they are at.

Wayne Clevenger, Lead Pastor

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In this video, Dr. Kevin Harney explains this simple, yet profound tool in developing a heart for people who don’t yet know Jesus. Natural evangelism happens when you curate a life that is focused on God and His creation.


At Organic Outreach International®, we’re dedicated to empowering every Christian to fulfill the Great Commission. Our podcast helps you naturally share your faith and make a positive impact on the world. Join us on this journey of growth and influence.

Organic Disciples Devotions

With just a few clicks, you will receive eight free weekly devotionals designed to develop you as a Christ-follower in the areas that Jesus Himself modeled. We will help you connect the dots between growing in faith and sharing your faith.

As a trusted source of Discipleship and Evangelism resources, our team produces articles with an emphasis on:

  • Inspiration
  • Accountability
  • Learning
  • Planning

Outreach tools at your fingertips. One infusion post at a time!

the most comprehensive

outreach tools

Video On Demand

Bible-based outreach training for your staff, small group, family, or just you!

influence tools

Meeting agendas, ministry action plan templates, outreach infusion guides, and more.

Discipleship Media Resources

Assortment of videos to infuse your culture with discipleship and how to make disciples.

Live Webinar

Periodical live Q&R
webinars with outreach
and evangelism experts.

Personalized Consulting Calls

Coaching and consulting calls to create strategy contextualized
to your audience.

Outreach Package

Everything you need to kickstart an outreach culture shift in
your congregation!

Ready To


Although the percentage of churches engaged in outreach is relatively low, it’s not solely due to a lack of enthusiasm.

Establishing a culture of outreach in a church can be challenging because programs often have conditions, rigid timelines, or prerequisites. Organic Outreach aims to create a strong foundation for lasting transformation in churches.

unlocking your culture
unleashes outreach momentum

As your culture transforms, we measure impact from the inside out. See the evidence of your congregation growing as it overflows from healthy discipleship culture.

We are here to support you.

Through training, coaching, and provision of resources, Organic Outreach International is committed to helping denominations, ministries, and local churches infuse the DNA of their ministries and congregations with a passion for natural evangelism.

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