More than anything, Christians want to see other people come to Christ. So why do most of us find it so difficult to join in making that happen?

The truth is, God is the One who brings people to Himself. But as He invites you and me to join Him in that process, we can experience one of life’s greatest joys! It doesn’t have to be difficult, because He wants to use us just the way He made us—bringing others closer to Christ, one step at a time!

• 5 sessions of Organic Outreach® for Ordinary People Curriculum

• Subtitles: English, Spanish


Rev. Dr. Kevin G. Harney – Founder and Visionary Leader of Organic Outreach International; author of the Organic Outreach® series and several other books

Sherry Harney – Co-founder of Organic Outreach International; co-author of Organic Outreach® for Families; author of Praying with Eyes Wide Open

Walt Bennett – President and CEO of Organic Outreach International

Tom Green – Pastor, Teacher and Coach with Organic Outreach International

Course Curriculum

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