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Every Christian leader hungers to see their church engaged in discipleship and sharing Jesus naturally.  Organic Outreach International equips leaders with proven strategies, adaptable pathways, and practical tools so that every Christian is growing as a disciple and passionately sharing their faith.

This pathway is designed to help you and your church leaders engage in the process of changing the culture of your church to reach the desired goal.toward one that is sending workers into the field for the harvest. 




Along this pathway through reading, videos, courses, assessments, and other resources you will lead change in your congregation’s perspective of their role in fulfilling the great commission.  In parallel with this process, you will be building a culture of discipleship within your church that will result in a significant increase in the percentage of church members engaging in their own and others’ discipleship outside of regular weekly worship services.  Here are some of the highlights of this pathway:

  • Assess your church’s outreach culture foundation
  • Develop and execute strategies to strengthen the areas of this foundation where it needs it the most
  • Equip leadership to proactively engage in changing the culture of the church
  • Take the church through an 8 to 16-week Organic Disciples Experience
  • Church members measure their spiritual maturity and develop specific strategies to grow in the areas they need to the most
  • Assess the overall spiritual maturity of your church and develop specific strategies to address the areas with the greatest need for improvement
  • Equip your church to embrace the command to make disciples who make disciples in ways that become completely natural for them in the context of their everyday lives
  • Monthly infusions specific to outreach and making disciples into each ministry – these infusions will have elements of the following every month:
    • Inspiration
    • Accountability
    • Learning
    • Planning
  • Execute strategies for growing and making disciples, measure the impact, make a new strategy, execute, measure, strategize, execute, measure…until Jesus returns

When you reach the end of this pathway, it is really just the beginning.  You will be able to continue using our resources for a regular rhythm within your church of measuring, strategizing, and executing strategy to remain focused on your outreach and discipleship culture …until Jesus returns.  You may also decide to continue to the Expeditioner Pathway where you will have more comprehensive resources to focus on discipleship in your church in a way that naturally leads your congregation to proactively grow in spiritual maturity and share their faith in the normal course of building relationships with those whom God has placed in their individual pathway that need to hear the good news.


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