Designed for churches who want to experience increased passion for outreach.

Spiritual Markers Assessment (Individual)

$ 75 Value

A collection of 2 to 5 minute videos

$ 175 Value

Basic Church Outreach Culture Assessments

$ 75 Value

Concept Sheets

$ 50 Value

Rule Videos

$ 50 Value

Outreach Sunday Package

$ 250 Value

Basic Outreach Next Steps Webinar

$ 50 Value

Two 15-Minute Consulting Calls

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Event Invitation Card Templates

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Shoreline Outreach Training Video

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Organic Disciples Small Group Videos

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Spiritual Markers Assessment (Individual)

$ 75 Value

We need to make outreach a part of the fabric of our congregations.  Organic Outreach offers a terrific pathway to lead your church toward a faithful fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Lee Strobel, Author of Case for Heaven and the bestseller, The Case for Christ

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Level One Overview

Spiritual Markers Assessment (Individual) ($75 value)

When it comes to determining spiritual maturity, we look at indicators in terms of growth, not of achievement. This self-assessment will give a snapshot of where you are in regard to seven markers that are important to our spiritual growth: Bible Engagement, Passionate Prayer, Wholehearted Worship, Humble Service, Joyful Generosity, Consistent Community, and Organic Outreach®.  

A collection of 2 to 5 minute videos  ($175 value) 

This collection provides examples of Organic vs. Inorganic Outreach as well as teaching on various Organic Outreach topics and tools.  These are great for a variety of situations such as inspiration in meetings, quick topic hits for small groups and Bible studies, and brief bites to include with Sunday services. 

*Basic Church Outreach Culture Assessments ($75 value)

Law of Love The foundational underpinnings for developing a culture of Organic Outreach® within a church lies in the Law of Love.  Just as in the construction of a building, the laying of, and ongoing care for, the foundation is absolutely critical to everything that rests upon that foundation. This evaluation will provide you with a “heat map” to develop a strategy for the next 12 months that will strengthen those areas that are in most need of improvement.

Seven Mind Shifts The Seven Mind Shifts evaluation measures each of the mind shifts needed for a church to establish a deeply rooted culture of reaching out to the lost.  Whether you are in the very earliest stages of engaging in Organic Outreach®, or you are a year or more into it, it makes sense to prioritize and target these mind shifts.  

*Concept Sheets ($50 value)

A set of one page descriptions of the key concepts of Organic Outreach to be used as you teach your board members, ministry leaders, and congregation.

One-Degree Rule Videos ($50 value) 

Pastors Kevin Harney and Walt Bennett explain how every follower of Jesus has an outreach temperature. It can be hot, cold or somewhere in the middle. This temperature impacts the way we live our life and interact with those who are far from God. The One-Degree Rule is the reality that all of us need to seek to increase our outreach temperature by one degree on a regular basis.  

  • One-Degree (Walt Bennett 13:31)
  • One-Degree (Kevin Harney 12:15)

*Outreach Sunday Package ($250 value) 

The Outreach Sunday Package provides the sermon outlines, graphics, videos, and promotional materials for you to host an Outreach Sunday at your church.

*Basic Outreach Next Steps Webinar ($50 value) 

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the basic outreach next steps from the Organic Outreach® Team (length: 45 minutes).

Two 15-Minute Consulting Calls ($100 value) 

During this free call with an Organic Outreach® coach, you will focus on an Organic Outreach topic of your choice. (can be combined into one call)

Event Invitation Card Templates ($25 value) 

Use these customizable templates to promote outreach events at your church.

Shoreline Outreach Training Video ($100 value) 

Previously recorded congregational training at Shoreline Church in Monterey, California, this event is designed to teach congregants the importance of sharing the Gospel and how to share their faith naturally in their daily lives.

Organic Disciples Small Group Videos ($100)

The eight-week companion video series accompanies the Organic Disciples small group study guide.

How's Your Spiritual
Growth Journey?

When it comes to determining spiritual maturity we look at indicators in terms of growth, not of achievement. This self-assessment will give you a snapshot of where you are with regard to seven key markers that are important to our spiritual growth.

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