OOC & Intensive - A Participant’s Perspective

Scott Bos

September 2017

Scott Bos was apprehensive about attending last year’s Organic Outreach Intensive and Conference. The idea of being an evangelist was uncomfortable. His experience at the events was life-changing. Scott shares his experience with us:

“I will never forget the day my pastor informed me he was signing me up for the Organic Outreach Intensive and Conference at Shoreline Community Church in Monterey, California. Hopefully, he never saw this on my face, but the thoughts that streamed through my head ranged from “I am not an evangelist” to “How can I possibly get out of this one” to “Great, now I am going to learn how to be the guy on the corner with a ‘Jesus Saves’ sign.” What I did not understand, then, was the Lord would use the Organic Outreach team to lay a significant foundational block in my spiritual life. A block, second only to the day I fully surrendered my life to Jesus when I was 19.”

“When I, with two other men from our church, walked into Shoreline my fears subsided and turned into anticipation for what the Lord was going to do in my life and the lives of all the other attendees. We were in a room full of pastors, youth pastors, lay people, and others from all over the country for a single purpose; to understand how we can effectively share the amazing gift God gave us on the cross. Up to this point, I honestly do not think I was prepared, but the Lord was about to use the Organic Outreach team to change that in my life.”


"His love, His compassion, His honesty, and His desire for her best all made her thirsty for the Living Water."


“Back to that foundational block I mentioned. I will never forget sitting through a specific session where Pastor Walt Bennett was discussing the Samaritan woman at the well and how Jesus interacted with her (John 4). His love, His compassion, His honesty, and His desire for her best all made her thirsty for the Living Water. From there, Walt went directly into Matthew 5:13-16, where Jesus calls us to be the salt and light of the world. It was at that moment the Holy Spirit impressed on my heart that we are the salt and light in this world; it is our mission as sons and daughters of God to shine, and shine brightly. This may seem trivial, but to me, this was the moment I understood my mission is to live life and speak words in a way that makes people around me thirst for my Father. The light we hold is a matter of life and death, so why would I not let His love, compassion, and grace shine through me like a lighthouse on a steep cliff?”

“The whole experience was safe, fun, light, and challenging, but never awkward. I want to encourage you to go, please. I promise that if you go into this event seeking God’s best for you, seeking His heart, you will come out on the other side a different and more mission-driven follower of Christ. Thank you to Wes Dupin and Daybreak Church for blessing me with the opportunity. Thank you to the Organic Outreach team for your obedience and for allowing the Lord to speak through you! This is a gift that allows you and me to share His gift more effectively! In Romans, Paul says faith comes from hearing. How will the lost know about the Father’s love for them if we do not share it through our lives verbally?” (Scott Bos, Life Chapel – Plano, TX)

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