Expeditioner Pathway

The Expeditioner Pathway is the deepest engagement experience we offer.  The initial expedition you will take 12 to 18 months and is self-paced.  Once you have completed the first journey, you will be set up to continue moving your church more and more deeply into growing in Jesus and Going with Jesus in ways that are completely natural and part of their every day lives.



As an Expetitioner church, you will begin by preparing your leadership team and assessing the foundations of your church culture and the spiritual maturity of your church in seven key characteristics that make up everything we know from Scripture about who Jesus is.  From there, using proven assets and processes, you will begin to develop executable strategies to move towarrd a sustainable culture of passionate discipleship resulting in workers flooding the harvest field.

The Journey – All the necessary resources are provided to accomplish the following:

  • Up to 3 hours of coaching, either one-on-one or team
  • Use our deepest assessment of your church’s outreach culture foundation
  • Develop and execute strategies to strengthen the areas of this foundation where it needs it the most
  • Equip leadership to proactively engage in changing the culture of the church
  • Form a team of ministry leaders to establish a monthly cadence for infusion of inspiration, accountability, learning, and planning specifically related to outreach (7 years of detailed, editable agendas are provided)
  • Take the church through an 8 to 16-week Organic Disciples Experience
  • Church members measure their spiritual maturity and develop specific strategies to grow in the areas they need to the most
  • Leaders use an aggregate report of your church’s spiritual maturity to develop strategies to grow in the weakest areas and executes those strategies
  • Assess the overall spiritual maturity of your church and develop specific strategies to address the areas with the greatest need for improvement
  • Equip your church to make disciples in ways that are natural through
    • Online video series
    • Online certification courses
    • Leaders video series for culture change


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