Backpacker Pathway

Many Christians don’t share their faith. Through a proven and effective process, the Backpacker Pathway will help church leadership point your church in the direction of getting everyone in your congregation to be passionate about making disciples who make disciples.

This is a free membership (monthly donation optional) with all the equipment and supplies you will need to engage in the Backpacker Pathway.  This journey is designed to take between 4 and 6 months (self paced) and provide options to either move on to a deeper pathway, or continue to stay on the Backpacker Pathway, building and sustaining a lasting culture of discipleship and disciple making.






  • Establish the Vision and Necessity of a church-wide commitment to discipleship and making disciples
  • Instill a deep passion and understanding, in church leadership and throughout the congregation, toward discipleship and making disciples.
  • Lay the groundwork for OOI resources to be most effectively utilized
  • Lead to Explorer – discipleship taking the church out into the world to make disciples (Organic Outreach)
  • Journey
    • Assess your church’s outreach culture foundation
    • Develop and execute strategies to strengthen the areas of this foundation where it needs it the most
    • Equip leadership to proactively engage in changing the culture of the church
    • Church members measure their spiritual maturity and develop specific strategies to grow in the areas they need to the most
    • Equip your church to embrace the command to make disciples who make disciples in ways that become completely natural for them in the context of their everyday lives
    • Execute strategies for strengthening the outreach culture of your church, measure the impact, make a new strategy, execute, measure, strategize, execute, measure…….until Jesus returns


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